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 **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**

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PostSubject: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   10/18/2008, 8:58 am

For the UFC Fans out there, UFC 89 will be FREE on Spike! tomorrow at 9pm. Who are your picks for tomorrow night?

Chris Leben VS Michael Bisping - Not a big fan of Bisping. He's looked good so far at 85 but, I think Leben has matured a lot. I think we'll see a much better fighter in Chris. Bisping doesn't have the power to KO him BUT, it could go either way. Bisping by Dec. or Leben by KO/TKO. I'm rooting for Leben.

Brandon Vera VS Keith Jardine - I've got Vera in this one. His last few performances have been lackluster but, I really think he's gonna bring it this time with more crisp striking.

Luiz Cane VS Sokoudjou - I'm becoming a fan of Luiz Cane. Very nice striking, I like his style. Sokoudjou has a lot of power so you never know what could happen. Someone's getting KO/TKO'd but, I'll go with Cane.

Chris Lytle VS Paul Taylor - I've got Chris in this fight. Taylor is tough and has an exciting style but Lytle's experience will overcome. I think Lytle will sub him.

Marcus Davis VS Paul Kelly - I've got Marcus Davis in this. Paul is tough as hell though and he could get the upset. I'm still going with Davis by KO/TKO maybe even a submission.

Akihiro Gono VS Dan Hardy - Gotta go with Gono over Hardy for this one. Gono's expereince should win him the fight.

Neil Wain VS Shane Carwin - Don't know much about Neil so I'm going with Shane. Dude is powerful!

David Bielkheden VS Jess Liaudin - I'm going with David on this one although I'm kinda back and forth on it.

Sam Stout VS Terry Etim - I'm a fan of stout. After the Florian fight he's shown tons of improvement and, the kid is entertaining to watch. Etim has that long ass reach though; we'll see what happens. I got stout.

Jim Miller VS David Baron - Don't know anything about these guys so I'll go out on a limb and choose David.

Per Eklund VS Samy Schiavo - I'm going with Samy on this one. Why? I dunno, lol
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PostSubject: Re: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   10/19/2008, 6:43 am

Leban- You can't stop the Cat Smasher

Vera- Jardine is unorthodox and effective but I think an in shape Vera will have the skills to win here

Cane- Sokoudjou is a great fighter with lots of promise but I think Cane is the coming thing. After this fight some of you may agree with me.

Lytle- Taylor is a tough fighter but Lytle is better all around imho. That and he has the heart of a lion.

Davis- Kelly like Taylor is tough but Davis thrives in the UK.

Gono- He'll win!! period

Carwin- exp will prevail

Liaudin- Bielkheden is an untapped force but Jess is a friend of mine and is really dedicated to winning here.

Stout- gut feeling. He has balls for days

Miller- based on his bland name.
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PostSubject: Re: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   10/22/2008, 8:54 am

Obviously it's over, but here is what would have been my picks.

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PostSubject: Re: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   1/23/2010, 5:42 pm

I really dont know about this all thanks for kept me updated.

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PostSubject: Re: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   8/30/2011, 3:59 pm

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PostSubject: Re: **Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**   

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**Official UFC 89 Picks Thread!!**
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