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 I've been to Singapore!

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I've been to Singapore! Empty
PostSubject: I've been to Singapore!   I've been to Singapore! Icon_minitime5/11/2010, 8:04 pm

The only thing i don't like about the place is that it's too hot! Though, the place is really clean, there are no visible traffic or police in the streets because you can see CCTV everywhere. They use advanced technology to monitor what's going on anywhere. It's peaceful except new year, fireworks was great but too short. You also have to have strong knees and endurance because you need to walk a long distance just to go to the MRT station. Their cigarette costs S$10 a pack! but still a lot of people smoke. I love the Night Safari, it is must see when you go to Singapore and of course the statue of Merlion and the building that looks like a giant jackfruit, argh! forgot the name of the place. Anyways. there's a lot to see in Singapore, oh and Sentosa beach is also a great place! Just make sure that when you go out, use sunblock always! One more thing, SHOPPING! Huge malls and a lot of branded items. Make sure you pack extra cash for this. Very Happy

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I've been to Singapore! Empty
PostSubject: Re: I've been to Singapore!   I've been to Singapore! Icon_minitime8/26/2012, 8:45 am

well thats so nice its great country u had visited but hv u passed by in Malaysia because am studying there i think it good for tourists do u agree ?
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I've been to Singapore!
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