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 Wilderness for troubled teens

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Wilderness for troubled teens Empty
PostSubject: Wilderness for troubled teens   Wilderness for troubled teens Icon_minitime9/10/2010, 10:03 am

For parents, it is hard to deal with the teen years because most of then becomes rebellious. This is caused by peer pressure, insecurity, media and the like. For those teens that can really get out of hand, parents look into alternative therapeutic activities that can help their teen/s release all those anger and channel it to other productive activities. Reputable wilderness programs/camps have helped a lot of troubled teens over the past years through outdoor activities that teaches them camaraderie, resourcefulness and the like. These outdoor activities can consist of water rafting, hiking, camping, biking and all the activities that can be done in the wilderness. These kind of programs is not just intended for troubled teens, adults and families can also engage themselves in this kind of program, a fun and exciting way to bond with the family.
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Wilderness for troubled teens
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